Recruiter Advice

Here are some tips on how to post a good quality ad on, and optimise the visibility to our 37,000 active candidates and our wider audience.


When posting a job on there are three categorisation sections you need to fill in, Position/Level, Responsibilities and sector.  We recommend that you select up to 3 in each section (where applicable), this will help to extend the roles reach, being seen by more candidates viewing the role on site and via job emails alerts.


We understand that it is not always possible to display salaries on your ads.  However, on we have made it possible for you to target salary expectations without disclosing a salary on your ad.  By selecting a relevant salary bracket, you will make your advert more accessible on- site, as well as target the right level of candidates.


Having a logo on your account/ads increases their appeal and visibility to our clients, adding a professional seal.  To load a logo it needs to be a 360 x 180 pixels (exactly) jpeg or gif file.

Filter questions

Filter questions enable you to filter out unsuitable candidates before they consider applying for the role.  This will ultimately save you time when sorting through the CV's to select suitable candidates for the next stage.  Simply speak to your Client Service contact and they will enable filter questions on your account; and you can select up to five suitable questions for your ad.


Upgrades are a great way of increasing the reach of your job posting. We have three options available (please speak to a member of the exec-appointments sales team should these be of interest):
1. Top Job Upgrade - This on-site inventory can only be added to a role by the Client Services team. Please contact the team via email or direct line, letting them know which role you wish to upgrade.

A Top Job is one of the most successful ways of increasing visibility, views and applications for a job advert. This inventory boosts a role to the top of their specific sector.

Please note: A maximum of two Top Jobs will be shown for each category at any one time. If more than two are selected for a category, they will swap around upon each refresh.

2. Sponsored Job Upgrade - You can sponsor a role on exec-appointments by either sponsoring the sector as with a Top Job upgrade or by Sponsored Keywords or by using a combination of both.

These on-site sponsored enhancement can only be added by the Client Services team. Please contact the team via email or direct line, letting them know which role you wish to upgrade.

Sponsored Keywords – Offers a more specific enhancement. By using keywords, you are linking your job spec to specific targeted words such "council", "deputy". By using keywords you are tagging your advert not only by the given on-site criteria, but by words that you feel our candidates would type whilst browsing. It is best to use keywords associated with the role and the job specification. If you need any advice with what words to include, please contact a member of Client Services team. 

3. Premium Upgrade - This on-site inventory is added on your EA Recruiter account. To use these premium upgrades you must tick the check box under "upgrade your advert for better visibility" - this box appears before checkout. 

This premium inventory increases the exposure of a role both off-site and on-site. This means that Premium Jobs receive that extensive reach. 

On-site: These roles are highlighted in a grey box. They will appear in the job listing according to its age (newest first) but stand out from other standard job roles.

Off-site: Premium Jobs are also prioritized in our Jobs By Email (JBE) and appear first over any other relevant ‘standard’ jobs.  These emails are sent directly to candidates who select particular criteria which reflect your role on (salary, location, title etc.)

Please note: JBE has a limit to how many jobs are included (traditionally 5) at any one time.


By enabling the daily/weekly dashboard you will be sent a quick snap shot report on your live job postings and a breakdown of any remaining inventory on your account.  Speak to your Client Services contact to enable this service on your account.


EA logo

Email addresses and live links

Please refrain from putting email addresses or external links in your adverts. This can affect our response data resulting in us not being able to accurately report the overall success of your campaign with We advise that candidates are directed to the Apply button to submit their applications.

Years’ experience

We adhere to the Age Discrimination Act of 2006 at exec-appointments; so in order to avoid falling foul of this legislation we request copy that could be seen as discriminating against age groups e.g. "must have 10-15 years’ experience" is not featured in your ad copy.

We understand there are instances where experience is desirable or even necessary but we would ask that the words ‘extensive’, ‘significant’ or similar are used instead.

Multiple roles

All postings on must be for an existing job vacancy. You can only post one position per ad credit.  For example, we will not accept roles on the site for "Chartered Accountant x2" or "Managing Opportunities". 

Should you have multiple roles available, there are two ways you can edit the job description:

  1.  these can either be split out into several posts
  2.  you can post one role and recruit as many candidates as you require for that specific  job title and location

Ad loading is a self-service job board, however we do offer two packages that include ad loading services (please speak with a member of our sales team if you are interested in either our Essential’s package or an ad loading package).

Once the package is purchased, your assigned client services representative will be happy to post the role for you but we will require the following:

  • Final copy – you should send us a working document containing the final job specification together with your company logo (size 360 x 180 pixels in a jpeg or gif file).
  • Location of the role
  • Method of application (company url or email address)
  • the salary bracket (to be used behind the role)

Once the role has been uploaded, client services will send across a drafted version of the advert for your final approval. After approval, any further amendments can be made via your own recruiter account.

Please feel free to contact your Client Services contact if you have any questions or require any further information and we'll be happy to help.